configure Mezzio swoole/openswoole to use monolog for access logging and error logging

I tend to favor Mezzio micro framework for highly available PHP projects for it’s close adherence to PHP standards and following dev best practices – coupled with swoole/openswoole library for all things concurrency && async – this makes a mean performance machine. Anywho – out of the box mezzio swoole logging comes with some default … Read more

Symfony cache redis adapter with username and password

Recently started a new project that uses Doctrine and symfony cache. For symfony cache I always strongly prefer phpredis with igbinary marshalling. One issue I ran into was that my redis server is configured to use username and password while symfony cache redis adapter docs didn’t cover this scenario at the time of writing, unless … Read more

Doctrine cli with multiple databases

When adding doctrine orm into your project – there is a cli commands present that allows you to do some operations, such as clear cache or update database schema from entities code etc. While typical instruction from doctrine docs talk about adding cli-config.php file into project root and then using vendor/bin/doctrine script – I find … Read more

Firefox in fedora 34 – very slow with pipewire here’s how to fix

Upon upgrading to Fedora 34 I’ve discovered much to my chagrin that … something is really really wrong with my favorite browser – which is firefox. Since I’ve initially updated via software center instead of fresh install that I usually use – initially suspected that and even continued to do a fresh full- wipe reinstall … Read more