Google significantly reduces recaptcha free tier, introduces new pricing models

recaptcha raising prices 2024

Update: April 1st, 8:05pm Eastern 2024. It appears like Google began to slowly roll out the promised price hikes, see new pricing here. The pricing hikes are in fact real. Update: This is Apr 1st 6am Easter, 2024 – I do not see any documentation updates or other confirmations from google official sources that this … Read more

Benchmarking of PHP application with php-fpm vs swoole/openswoole

Benchmarking of PHP application with php-fpm vs swoole/openswoole

How realistic is this benchmark? Before people start pulling out pitchforks from their basements (sheds, whatever) – I do realize this is a rather NOT a realistic test-case scenario. In the real life scenario, it is somewhat unlikely your API will just be serving some static json responses without any io calls. And even a … Read more

Nginx – enabling brotli compression with gzip fallback

nginx brotli and gzip fallback

What is Compression? Compression is a technique used to reduce the data size as reducing the data size means that data is smaller and smaller data will travel over the internet faster improving site response times. Most of the websites/web-servers these days should use compression – and it is truly mind-boggling that according to the … Read more

Safari on both macOS and iOS – link font preload with crossorigin=”anonymous” not working loading from the same domain

I recently had an issue where fonts loaded via link HTML element with crossorigin=”anonymous” attribute would mysteriously not load but only in safari (both ios and macOS). Firefox and Chrome on Linux desktop and android mobile were handling the same code without an issue. For the purpose of this post – the domain in question: … Read more