– be aware of potentially heavy traffic with selenium webdriver

selenium web driver with selenium webdriver is a very powerful tool to monitor for website changes. Just wanted to share a warning for other who are potentially not aware of the mighty traffic this great tool can generate with even a handful of urls. Why use with selenium webdriver selenium webdriver Couple days ago I had … Read more

WordPress customizer not working – check timezone

Just had a weird issue with my docker containerized wordpress install I use for one of the sites. When clicking on any customize options it would keep showing me this message over and over again without letting me use customizer: Your scheduled changes just published Nothing in the logs. I’ve checked my varnish, checked nginx … Read more

Firefox in fedora 34 – very slow with pipewire here’s how to fix

Upon upgrading to Fedora 34 I’ve discovered much to my chagrin that … something is really really wrong with my favorite browser – which is firefox. Since I’ve initially updated via software center instead of fresh install that I usually use – initially suspected that and even continued to do a fresh full- wipe reinstall … Read more