Google significantly reduces recaptcha free tier, introduces new pricing models

recaptcha raising prices 2024

Update: April 1st, 8:05pm Eastern 2024. It appears like Google began to slowly roll out the promised price hikes, see new pricing here. The pricing hikes are in fact real. Update: This is Apr 1st 6am Easter, 2024 – I do not see any documentation updates or other confirmations from google official sources that this … Read more

12 bay homelab NAS – JMCD 12S4 from TaoBao. Upgrading my Truenas Scale server. Optionally rack mountable

jmcd 12S4 12 bay nas case

High density compact 12 bay nas server for homelab, (optionally rackmountable, but probably best for no-rack setups) – JMCD 12S4 from taobao seems to be a great case for those looking to expand their existing homelab NAS server capacity or setup a new high-capacity NAS server/ disk array for either standalone or rackmountable situations. Hello … Read more

vite.js to precompress your .js and .css bundles in brotli and gzip format

vite.js to precompress your .js and .css bundles in brotli and gzip format

Vite.js bills itself as a “Next Generation Frontend Tooling”, in simpler words this is something to replace your webpack bundler with (for your next project) as most modern browsers suppport ESM which make bundling easier and faster. I’ve started using it for some of my projects and could not find an example for brotli and … Read more