Nginx – enabling brotli compression with gzip fallback

nginx brotli and gzip fallback

What is Compression? Compression is a technique used to reduce the data size as reducing the data size means that data is smaller and smaller data will travel over the internet faster improving site response times. Most of the websites/web-servers these days should use compression – and it is truly mind-boggling that according to the … Read more

Mezzio php framework – setting up with php-fpm and nginx reverse proxy (with docker containers and docker compose)

This article is about mezzio+php-fpm, if you are looking for mezzio+swoole -> see this post here. There are many reasons why you may want to use nginx reverse proxy in front of your application – (such as mezzio php framework with php-fpm). Reasons to use nginx with your php-fpm applications: efficient serving of static assets … Read more