Haproxy http/https on single port

I do a lot of web development and prefer spinning up my development app/site/enviroment on one of my home server(s) within the confines of my homenet/homelab (without ever exposing site/app to the internet). It works just dandy for http, however – im not satisfied with just http (even if this is a dev environment) – … Read more

Access remote/self-hosted applications securely with Wireguard

As a huge self-hosted aficionado I do love setting up new self-hosted applications in my home lab. Containerization truly pushed the envelope for homelabber/selfhoster community by drastically reducing LOE required to set things up ( and more importantly maintain things with low effort and low time expenditures). Im sure any person who ever dabbled with … Read more

WordPress Varnish caching

Varnish is a very common caching tool many wordpress blogs (but certainly not limited to just wordpress) utilize to speed up content delivery. Here’s a very basic example on how to set it up: Where bytepursuits-wp in above example is the hostname of my wordpress server. In example above I use docker-compose and as we … Read more