AWS ECS volume permission denied when using non-root Dockerfile

Using the Least Privileged User (and definitely a non-root user) is one of the best practices when working with Dockerfiles. By default, when a Dockerfile does not specify a user, it uses a root user which is almost never a good idea. However, sometimes using non-root users may introduce some hard-to-understand and resolve problems. If you are trying to use AWS ECS fargate non-root containers that have to write to the bind mounts and are seeing the “PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied” error – this is how to solve it.

Nginx – enabling brotli compression with gzip fallback

nginx brotli and gzip fallback

What is Compression? Compression is a technique used to reduce the data size as reducing the data size means that data is smaller and smaller data will travel over the internet faster improving site response times. Most of the websites/web-servers these days should use compression – and it is truly mind-boggling that according to the … Read more – be aware of potentially heavy traffic with selenium webdriver

selenium web driver with selenium webdriver is a very powerful tool to monitor for website changes. Just wanted to share a warning for other who are potentially not aware of the mighty traffic this great tool can generate with even a handful of urls. Why use with selenium webdriver selenium webdriver Couple days ago I had … Read more

Safari on both macOS and iOS – link font preload with crossorigin=”anonymous” not working loading from the same domain

I recently had an issue where fonts loaded via link HTML element with crossorigin=”anonymous” attribute would mysteriously not load but only in safari (both ios and macOS). Firefox and Chrome on Linux desktop and android mobile were handling the same code without an issue. For the purpose of this post – the domain in question: … Read more